Saturday, January 10, 2009

Some Good News

Well, Emily had her bronchoscopy yesterday. The doctor reported that her lungs actually looked really good--not as much secretions as they thought there would be. So, we did not do an admit and IVs at this time. We will wait for the culture from the bronchoscopy to find out what she may be growing down there and then make plans for our next steps from there. We went ahead and stayed the night up there with my folks (they already had a room booked)--that way we had some time to rest before we traveled back home. I got home today in time to see Douglas' basketball game. He had a great game with many assists and his team won 42 to 29--they lost to this team the last time they played in a double overtime so today's was an exciting game!
Will post again when we get results!
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

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