Saturday, June 21, 2014

Return of the Blogging...

Well, it has been three years, almost to the day, that I last blogged!  Where did the time go? Writing is such a release for me, and it is something I truly miss. So, I shall give it a go, once again.  But this time, I will have a "partner in crime" with my writing.  Emily has expressed an interest in blogging, so we shall see if between the two of us we can keep this blog alive!
So, I guess we will spend some time doing some posts of our comings and goings of the last three years. Our biggest family news was Donnie's recent graduation from NC State with a degree in aerospace engineering---yes, we are beaming with pride about this!
On a professional standpoint, I changed schools to a high priority school--being a principal of such a school was a huge dream of mine.  However, the past couple of years Emily has struggled with her health due to the mycobacteria abscessus.  It got to the point where I had to do some real soul searching and make decisions that were best for me and my family.  As such I requested to change to an assistant principal position for a year or two so I can concentrate on Emily's needs a bit more.  It is still a lot of work, and a leadership role, but just a little less stress.  I have recently been reassigned to my new school and I am very much looking forward to my next journey in my career!  I will return to the principalship when the time is right!
During the past two years, Emily's lung function has plummeted to the mid 40s--her current level.  This has been a difficult journey with an intensive treatment plan that included surgery to have a port placed last May. She also had sinus surgery in March to help with her breathing and sinus issues. Now, if we can just get those lung function numbers up, up, up.
We do go to Chapel Hill on Tuesday for a check up and most likely a new treatment plan.  I will definitely keep you posted.

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