Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Almost Three Years

Well, we were one month shy of being off of IV antibiotics for three whole years! Unfortunately, we went for a check up at Chapel Hill last Tuesday and found out by Friday that Emily had cultured pseudomonas. This was the first time she cultured this so it was a little overwhelming. Anyway, we came in and did a bronchoscopy yesterday and they put in a picc line. Emily has been the bravest girl ever, once again. When they changed the tape on her picc line today she didn't even cry--she said "that's the first time I didn't cry!" I was like "so true". Then she proceeded to tell me a memory she had from her first hospitalization when she was four--"mom, remember when the lady came in to change my tape and I locked myself in the bathroom." I had forgotten all about this, but it sure brought a good laugh for us this afternoon.
We hope to be home by Friday if all goes well. We will do IVs at home for three weeks. I will try to be a better blogger and update like I should--I totally missed some important milestones since my last post, like sending my oldest off to college. Will do a better update when things get settled.

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Katey said...

Praying you get to go home soon!! She definitely sounds like a brave little girl! I think it's awesome that she went almost 3 years!