Saturday, April 25, 2009

Panthers Kickball Game--CFF Fundraiser Event

Douglas, Emily and I spent a hot afternoon at the Kick CF event in Charlotte ( Several Carolina Panthers players have a kickball game with a local business. It is a fun time for all. They raised about $60,000 last year--not sure what the total was today, but I am sure it was substantial. Kudos to Panther Jordan Gross for starting this annual event last year (he has a niece with CF). I met a lady (wished I had gotten her name) who had made beaded bracelets for a CF fundraiser for her Great Strides team. She has two boys with CF--both have mic-key buttons. It was so hot they had their shirts off and Emily saw them and asked what they were. I have told her in the past that she might have to get one if she did not keep eating good. So, she asked lots of questions about feeding tubes (which I did not have a lot of answers to) and really paid close attention to the boys. I could tell she was deep in thought and I think it was yet another one of those learning moments she had about CF.....Here are a couple of pictures from the day!

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Mom Can I? said...

OH I love that you are a blogger too!!! I've added you to my favorites and when I get home from the hospital this afternoon I know what I'll be reading!!!!