Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Well, I was able to upload my one true media video of Emily to YouTube. You can access it on my page. As I watched it I took a little trip down memory lane, so to speak. Most of the pics and video clips are from Emily's first stay in the hospital at UNC when she was diagnosed. I remember how little I knew of CF then, and how scared I was. Those three weeks in the hospital were the longest three weeks of my life as I educated myself about cystic fibrosis and as I learned how I had to care for her. During this time one amazing story comes to mind. . . . a week before we headed off to the hospital we visited the local library. Emily was insistent on checking out a book called Philadelphia Chicken by Sandra Boynton. Okay actually she threw a fit about getting it. It is basically a book of songs with the accompanying CD. I was reluctant to check it out as we tend to misplace CDs at times. Emily pleaded and pleaded and finally I gave in. We started listening to it in the van--it had some catchy tunes--and basically she loved it. We all did and it actually created some happy fun-loving times while traveling down the road singing at the top of our lungs during this very emotional time. When we went to the hospital a week later of course the book and CD had to come with us (never mind we would owe a late fee by the time we got back). About a week after we had been at the hospital I was perusing some materials the nurse had given me from the CF Foundation. One item was a newsletter--a particular article caught my eye . . . I quickly discovered that Sandra Boynton was donating proceeds from the Philadelphia Chicken book and CD to the CF Foundation. I immediately began crying as I thought back to that day in the library when Emily insisted we check out the book--it was as if she knew she needed this book to help her (and all of us actually) get through the coming weeks--a time when she had just been diagnosed. This book had carried us through a very hard time and it was obviously meant to be! I found the author's website and emailed her my amazing story of how Emily just knew she had to have this book and all of the joy and comfort it brought her during the time fo her diagnosis and first hospitalization.
Here's a link to the book if you are interested. It sure can make you laugh, smile, and sing on the worst of days.
You can listen to some of the samples too!

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Alicia said...

Hello, so glad to find your blog! I'm a CF mom of a 3 yr old daughter. This is such a great story. What a wonderful memory! Hope your Christmas is a good one.