Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Simply Amazing

In my original post yesterday, I said I was going to recap Emily's diagnosis, however, Emily had her three month check up today and I couldn't wait to post the results.
This was the most amazing visit! Emily's PFTs were 126%! The average PFTs for a seven year old with CF is 95%! So, you can understand how exciting this news was for us! It was her best EVER! Also, for the first time EVER, Emily moved to the Outstanding category in terms of her weight! Nurse Sheree told us it was like getting an A+ on an AP English test. I couldn't agree more! Now, I pray and pray and pray that we keep her here! While weight and PFTs were phenomenal we did have a lengthy conversation about the Ph probe test results from two weeks ago. The data showed Emily is having many episodes of reflux, even with 30mg of Prevacid twice a day. Dr. Davis is consulting with the GI specialist and will let me know on Monday what we will do to address this!
'Til next time . . . .

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Tracy said...

Emily is such a beautiful little girl, I pray one day soon there will be a cure for our girls!