Friday, November 5, 2010

Long Lost Blogger

Well I haven't exactly been a very good blogger in the past months. We survived the last rounds of IVs in February and had a healthy and fun summer. Emily participated in a research study on hypertonic saline at the CF Center at UNC--it was a great opportunity to "give back", and we learned a lot in the process. Near the end of the study they did cultures and we discovered that the ugly pseudomonas had reared its ugly head once again! So, Emily started Tobi for the first time. Now, several weeks later, her cultures have come back clean! Yay! But, don't get too happy, too fast.....she had trouble hearing out of her right ear. Immediately we all thought it was from the antibiotics, but as things should turn out, thankfully, the reason was due to today, Emily had a tube placed in her left ear. It was an easy task compared to some of the things she has endured, but so thankful we could restore her hearing. And now, we face winter --head on! Our goal, and our prayer is to stay healthy! No hospitals, no IVs! Let's see if we can do it!